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In Unity 5.2 we say farewell (good riddance) to MonoDevelop and embrace the long needed switch to a ‘proper’ IDE; Microsoft Visual Studio.

As much of an improvement as VS is over Mono, I personally have always preferred IntelliJ IDEA. So naturally, as a stubborn developer, I set out to add a few creature comforts to make me feel more at home with my new coding environment. I didn’t want to spend any money on ReSharper (an IntelliJ product) so this guide will be using all free stuff.

Quick side note is that although Unity now comes bundled with Visual Studio 2013 Community, I am actually using Visual Studio 2015 thanks to Microsoft’s generous BizSpark program, which I thoroughly recommend!

Jump to definition

By default VS uses F12 to jump to definition, but I can’t live without the IDEA / Eclipse method of Ctrl + Click to jump. So first of all I installed this nifty little extension, which by default turns on Ctrl + Click to go to definition.

By default it shows a “peek” of the definition, which is ugly. I changed this setting by un-ticking: Tools -> Options -> Productivity Power Tools -> Other Extensions -> Control click shows definitions in Peek.

Finally I turned off “Preview Tabs” which are right aligned tabs for when you go to definition (another ugly feature).


The default dark scheme for VS is okay, but I found myself missing good ol’ Darcula from IntelliJ. You can grab a near identical theme from here. I did change the background back to default, because I prefer a dark background. Easier on the eyes.


For the layout I just dragged the windows around to match what I’m used to with IDEA / Eclipse.

All in all I’m pretty happy with how it looks and functions now. Maybe I’m just stuck in my ways 🙂


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