Arrival in Hell remake announcement!

Although I’ve been sharing a few screenshots and hints for a while, I’d like to officially announce that Epic Industries is working on a remake of an old Flash game that Eduardo Mojica and Richard Rout made back in 2006 – Arrival in Hell.

Earlier in the year I decided I wanted to make a point and click adventure game in Unity, and since I always loved Arrival in Hell, with it’s cheesy dialogue and wonderfully difficult puzzles, I decided to contact Rich and Ed for their permission to resurrect and revitalize the franchise.

I know the old game had it’s faults (hilariously illustrated by these fantastic retsupurae videos), but the game was still played and loved by many and it will be an honour to bring the game back after almost a decade! We hope to do the original classics justice while bringing them a little bit up to date.

I’ve actually been working on the game on and off in my spare time for the best part of a year now, and the main game engine is pretty much complete. Alejandro Villasenor of PlayMex is doing a great job on the design side and is working hard to rebuild the entire game and it’s characters (and maybe a few new surprises) in 3D.

Although we don’t have any solid plans for a finish / release date, check out this blog and my twitter for updates on development. Oh, and don’t forget to go and play the original game 🙂



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